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All contents © 2011
by Brian and
Lori Ann Curley
MeThe Past
I was born August 28, 1969, at 1:47 pm. I was late for lunch and have been late ever since. I attended Catholic schools for grade school and high school because my parents (may they rest in peace) believed strongly in a Catholic education. In one of the best decisions of my life, I attended the University of Wisconsin at Platteville, where I studied English and Communications and met my now husband Brian Curley. After he proposed marriage to me, I transferred to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which was a difficult change. Being used to small schools, I found UW-Madison frightening and overwhelming, and I lost 23 credits in the transfer. I dropped out of  UW-Madison within a year.

Me and BrianBrian and I were married on July 13, 1991. He wanted to marry in June because that's when his parents were married. I wanted to marry in August because that's when my parents married. The first compromise of our wedding was settling on July, and we've been compromising with each other ever since. He is the great love of my life and the rock that I cling to in the storm of life. 

Goober and LunchWe adopted two adorable cats, Queen Goober in 1989 and Princess Lunch in 1991. Unfortunately, both passed away in 2006. Lunch was suddenly diagnosed with lung cancer, and Goober, who was a breast cancer survivor since 2001, died of old age. We still miss them both every day;  however, we also adopted Crown Prince Harry in 2002, and Prince Widget and Princess Queen Gleep in 2006 after the deaths of their older sisters. The last three all were adopted from the Dane County Humane Society, and we heartily advocate adopting rescue animals. In July 2009, we adopted a puppy that Brian named Prince Nibbler, who also came from a shelter.

I returned to UW-Madison in 1996 as an employee and in 1997 as a student. I figured as long as I was working on campus, I should finish my BA. It took three years of hard work and sacrifice, not only on my part, but from Brian as well. I finished my BA in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing in August 2000.

The Present
Our HouseIn 2005, Brian and I bought a three-story Victorian home in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, that was built in 1902. We slowly are bringing this house into the 21st century.  We had the sag in the house fixed, added insulation in the attic and the basement, replaced the oil furnace with natural gas, and had central air installed. Home improvements would go a lot faster if we made more money, but we're both civil servants for the State of Wisconsin. The benefits are good, but the pay needs to improve. 

Packers Shareholders LogoWhen Brian and I have some free time, we like to play role playing games like Ptolus, and we like to watch and/or attend football games. We've been season ticket holders for the UW-Madison Badgers since 2001, and we've been on the waiting list for Green Bay Packers tickets since 1997, the same year we became shareholders in our favorite team.

The Future
I want to be a writer. Eventually I'd like to leave the day job to work more on my creative pursuits and the house. Despite our "advanced age", Brian and I still hope to have human children someday in addition to the furkids mentioned above.