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All contents © 2011
by Brian and
Lori Ann Curley
Happy Adulthood
    "If you don't have a happy childhood as a child, you must have one as an adult." -Brian Curley, the World's Greatest Husband, on the Happy Adulthood Philosophy
    About the time the World's Greatest Husband and I were married, we were at the Milwaukee Public Museum (which is about 3 blocks from the Bradley Center) walking through the exhibit "The Streets of Old Milwaukee". Think cobblestones, not beer.
    Like any good museum, the exhibit had a gift shop, and I saw a small tin, about 3-4 inches in diameter and oval-shaped. The tin triggered a memory of something I wanted as a child, but never had. The tin from my childhood was decorated with Holly Hobbie and had inside a little plastic gold-painted tea set: four plates, four saucers, four mugs, and a pot with a lid. A friend of mine in grade school had one, and I offered to buy it from her, but she said no, and I respected her decision. I still wanted that tea set, though.
    The tin at the museum was decorated with Cucumber Kitty, but I opened it anyway. Sure enough, the same plastic gold dishes were inside. I took a sharp breath, which caught Brian's attention. At that moment, he thought, "Whatever that tin is, I'm buying it for her." because that same sharp breath was the sound I made when he gave me my engagement ring.
    After he purchased the tea set for me, I told him the story behind it. That's when he told me his "happy adulthood" philosophy, and we've been living it ever since.