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    Gods and devils, imagine hells and heavens. Cities floating in the sky, and cities sunken in the sea.

    Unicorns and centaurs, witches, warlocks, djins and banshees, and angels and hobbies, charms and incantations, elementals, familiars, demons.
    Easy to imagine all those things. Mankind has been imaging them for thousands of years. Imagine spaceships in the future. Easy to imagine. The future is really coming, and there'll be spaceships in it. Is there then anything that's hard to imagine? Heh-heh, of course there is.
    Imagine a piece of matter and yourself inside of it. Yourself aware, thinking - and therefore knowing - you exist.  Able to move that piece of matter that you are in, to make it sleep, or wake, make love or walk uphill.
    Imagine a universe - infinite or not - as you wish to picture it. With a billion-billion-billion suns in it. Imagine a blob of mud whirling madly around one of those suns. Imagine yourself standing on that blob of mud. Whirling in it. Whirling through time and space to an unknown destination.