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  Queen Lori: The Six Names

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All contents © 2011
by Brian and
Lori Ann Curley
My full name is Lori Ann Lucia Hewuse Curley Killoy.
    My sister, JoEllen, named me Lori Ann when she was three years old and four years before I was born. She wanted a baby brother because everybody had a baby brother - including her best friend, our cousin Maureen. On May 29, 1965, Francis LaVerne William Hewuse, Jr. (Fran II in the family) was born; JoEllen finally had her baby brother. Then she decided she wanted a "Lori Ann" baby. She had to wait through the birth of a second baby brother (our brother Tom in 1967) before I finally was born. To this day, she cannot remember where she heard the name.
    LuciasLucia (pronounced loo-CHEE-ah) is my confirmation name. I was confirmed Catholic in May of 1986, and was one of only two confirmees in my class to add a confirmation name. Santa Lucia was a giftbringer like Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas. She is the patron saint of Scandinavia and her feast day is December 13. In the United States, Santa Lucia is known as Saint Lucy, who is the patron saint of eyes. Although I no longer am Catholic, I still admire Santa Lucia.
    Hewuse is my maiden name. It's pronounced the same as Hughes, but as one cousin put it, "We're the poor side of the family."
Lori's Angels    On July 13, 1991, I married Brian Keith Curley, the great love of my life and the World's Greatest Husband. For obvious reasons, both my sister and I changed our names when we married. Ironically, however, so did our sisters-in-law; now they have the complicated last name. Brian & I have been owned by many wonderful critters over the years, and our current masters and mistress are Crown Prince Harry, Prince Widget, and Princess Queen Gleep. In July 2009, we adopted a puppy that Brian named Prince Nibbler.
    Killoy is an ancestral name. John & Catherine Killoy emigrated from Ireland to America in the 19th century and settled in Southwestern Wisconsin. They are my great-great-great grandparents. Killoy is what I use for my pen-name. I want to be a writer.
    Lori Ann Curley is my legal name. I hate the way Lori Curley sounds, which is why I go by Lori Ann Curley, but please, call me Lori rather than Lori Ann or I'll think you're one of my aunts! Remember: it's one name (Lori) or three (Lori Ann Curley); never two (Lori Ann or Lori Curley). Odd numbers for an odd person.
    Virgo symbolI was born on August 28, 1969, at 1:47 pm, which makes me a Virgo. I was born late for lunch and have been late ever since. I've been late so often that I actually have it written in to my funeral plans that my body is to arrive fifteen minutes after the service is scheduled to begin so I literally can be "late for my own funeral." When I made this plan, the employee at the funeral parlor stated, "But that would be a bad reflection on us."
    "No, it won't." I replied, "Everyone there will know and understand." (and hopefully laugh)
When in doubt, smile!
Smiley Face
-Lori, Queen of Castle Curley